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     Welcome to Blaze of Glory Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Monday, September 15 2003 @ 08:30 AM UTC
     Contributed by: Admin
     Views: 4064

    Welcome to Blaze of Glory, a swashbuckling Amber Game by Sol Foster.

    read more (131 words) 69 comments
    Most Recent Post: 05/05 01:09AM by Anonymous

     Blaze of Glory (ACUS 2006): Chaos' Fleets Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Sunday, March 12 2006 @ 05:27 AM UTC
     Contributed by: Admin
     Views: 976

    Bleys rallies the troops -- the forces of Chaos are moving through his Shadow.

    Even with Bleys fighting by their side, can his loyal Guard hope to stop the massed fleets of Chaos?

    Most Recent Post: 12/10 07:26PM by Anonymous

     Blaze of Glory: The Shadows Attack Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Friday, January 28 2005 @ 01:56 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Sol
     Views: 924

    Elite Guard MissionsThe growth of the black circle has been halted. Unfortunately, its creators have noticed. And they will have their revenge...

    read more (8 words)
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     Daily email of new stories added Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Monday, April 12 2004 @ 02:08 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Admin
     Views: 1198

    I've added a feature to the Blaze of Glory web site which will generate a daily email summarising any new stories that have been added to the site that day.

    read more (182 words) 3 comments
    Most Recent Post: 05/18 05:33PM by Admin

     Censoring feature disabled Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Sunday, April 11 2004 @ 08:26 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Admin
     Views: 1075

    When posting the quotes from the last session Kris spotted that GeekLog censored her post by removing a "naughty" word...

    Seeing as all the players are adults and the games themselves often briefly descend into the gutter this seems rather silly so I've disabled the feature.

    You are now free to swear as much as you like, but please keep it in-character :-)

    Most Recent Post: 09/15 10:50AM by Anonymous

     Quotes from "Blaze of Glory: Laws of God and Man" Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Saturday, April 10 2004 @ 09:42 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Lorianne
     Views: 1062

    Elite Guard MissionsHere are the quotes from the Ambercon 2004 game. They can also be found online at:

    read more (1448 words) 2 comments
    Most Recent Post: 04/11 05:35PM by Admin

     A message in the night Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Wednesday, March 10 2004 @ 06:37 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Yves
     Views: 890

    General News

    In the night, a message arrives for young Yves St. Laurant-Seaway.

    Later, those who were near when he read it remember his face paled and his young slender hands trembled.

    With a war-kit typical of long journeys, Yves is last seen galloping south out of camp.

    Captain Jayne Green is the one to find Yves resignation; a simple letter, written in hasty hand.

    Valourous Comrades,

    Each of you more inspiring than the next, I am leaving the immense shadow of your deeds and riding into a shadow of regret.

    Miles to go before I weep.

    This is my final salute to you all.

    Yves SLS

    Most Recent Post: 03/22 10:39PM by Lorianne

     Blaze of Glory (ACUS 2004): Laws of God and Man Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Saturday, February 14 2004 @ 11:33 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Admin
     Views: 899

    It began routinely enough, when a small island in the west was overrun with pirates. But the circle of their influence quickly spread. In a matter of weeks they shut down most of the shipping in the North Atlantic, with ruthless raids and wanton atrocities.

    But most troublesome -- the seas they sailed were strangely becalmed for all vessels but theirs.

    Most Recent Post: 03/17 12:02AM by Jefferey

     Quotes from the special Nov. BoG Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Thursday, December 25 2003 @ 04:09 AM UTC
     Contributed by: Lorianne
     Views: 2212

    Hmm, we need a quotes topic, I think. Anyway, here are the quotes from November's game. They can also be found online at:

    (OK, so the game wasn't actually at U•Con, but several of the players were in town because of U•Con, so it's close enough.) :)

    read more (1182 words) 52 comments
    Most Recent Post: 03/26 07:44AM by Anonymous

     Sharks - Head Count Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version 
     Tuesday, November 18 2003 @ 01:44 PM UTC
     Contributed by: Jayne
     Views: 579

    General NewsJayne is basically out of commission with two broken wrists and other injuries.

    Marc, the Shark, is fine, and with Jayne and Glory (this will be the woman who lost her hand) and Ron heading home.

    Ron, the Phoenix, is minus a leg, but alive.

    William, our youngest, has only minor injuries.

    Glory, is the only surviving ladyshark who went with Jayne on the quest for the trumps - minus a hand.

    Six other ladysharks did not continue on the quest but escorted the King of France to Lord Bleys. (Jayne is always sending him presents like this. Kings. Heads. Daughters.)

    So our total dead sharks for this mission is actually only 3. Presuming Louie's escorts make it back safe.

    Total dead sharks: ~137
    Total living sharks: 14
    ....Marc, Ron, Wil, Glory, and 6 other ladies, plus 4 headed back to base on one of the America's ships. Of course, Ron will likely have to go inactive. Maybe Glory too.


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